Thursday, 30 June 2016

Bath fashions 1808

Morning Walking Dresses

Evening Dresses

At this time, the term mantle was used to describe any loose-fitting, shaped outer garment similar to a cape.

A Pelisse
A pelisse was originally a short fur-lined or fur-trimmed jacket that was usually worn hanging loose over the left shoulder of hussar light cavalry soldiers but by this time when military clothing was often used as inspiration for fashionable ladies' garments, the term was applied to a woman's long, fitted coat with set-in sleeves and the fashionable Empire waist. Although initially, these Regency-era pelisses copied the Hussars' fur and braid, they soon lost these initial associations, and in fact, were often made entirely of silk and without fur at all. They did, however, tend to retain traces of their military inspiration with frog fastenings and braid trim.

Sarsnet a fine soft silk fabric formerly from Italy.
Short Stays

Habit shirt is a type of shirt worn by women as part of a riding habit.

Tuckers were lace pieces fitted over the bodice and the origin of the phrase best bib and tucker.

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