Friday, 1 January 2016

Waltzing in 1816

An illustration of the attitudes and movements in German and French waltzing taken from "A Description Of The Correct Method Of Waltzing, The Truly Fashionable Species Of Dancing, That, from the graceful and pleasing Beauty of its Movements, has obtained on ascendancy over every other Department of that Polite Branch of Education." By the dancing master, Thomas Wilson published in 1816.

Notice illustration number 7 with the lady's arms crossed behind her waist and the gentlemen's hands placed on the lady's waist on each side.

The Waltz had been recently introduced to respectable society in England by Dorothea Lieven the wife of the Russian Ambassador a leader of society, invitations to her house were the most sought after in London, and she was the first foreigner to be elected a patroness of Almack's, London's most exclusive social club.

Dorothea Lieven

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