Sunday, 22 February 2015

Two figures from the 1820s

Lead Down the Middle and through the Top Couple

The Lady and Gentleman at A B join hands and lead down two couples up again, lead through the top
couple, and take the situation of the Lady and Gentleman at C D. who move up to A B; this is performed with the side Step down the middle and up, and through the top to places, with three Chasse, Jette. and Assemble, eight bars.


The Lady and Gentleman at A B cross hands before, that is, the Gentleman takes the right and left hands of the Lady with his right and left hands, (the right. hand must he placed uppermost;) the second and third couple do the same; then the whole three couples pass round in the line D to their places at C E F, the top couple at C taking the lead. This is performed with seven Chasses one Jette and Assemble, and requires eight bars.

N. B. The old method of promenading was by the Lady and Gentleman crossing their hands behind their backs, which. if not well performed, produces an inelegant effect, and is much more
laborious, and less graceful, than the above method, which the author introduced some years ago and is now generally followed.

From Thomas Wilson's "The Complete System of English Country Dancing"

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