Monday, 3 November 2014

New Rigg'd Ship

Figures as suggested in Dale's selection of the most favorite Country Dances Reels, ... with their Proper Figures, for the Harp, Harpsichord & Violin, etc. published in 1800.

Turn your partner with the right hand then with the Left Lead down the middle up again Set 3 and 3 top and bottom sideways hands six round,

Joseph  Dale, had a very small business run from a private house in Chancery Lane until in 1780 when he bought the entire stock in trade and circulating library of a well-established publisher called S Badd. If we are to believe an advertisement issued by Dale, Babb's Musical Library numbered over 100,000 books. Dale moved his business to Babb's old premises at 132, Oxford Street, facing Hanover Square where it became one of the most important businesses of its time.

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