Monday, 26 January 2015

"a grand gala on Tuesday evening"

"There is to be a grand gala on Tuesday evening in Sydney Gardens, a concert, with illuminations and fireworks. To the latter Elizabeth and I look forward with pleasure, and even the concert will have more than its usual charm for me, as the gardens are large enough for me to get pretty well beyond the reach of its sound."

Jane Austen to Cassandra

Sunday, June 2, 1799

This is the advert for the concert to which Austen was referring so we can see the music and musicians she was seeking to evade.

The orchestra leader was David Richards the uncle and teacher of the young prodigy David Loder. Richards had resigned from his role as Director of the Nationally esteemed Norwich Theatre orchestra four years before to promote concerts in Bath to support his widowed sister and her family.

The Violincello player was almost certainly the younger brother of the famous astronomer and musician William Herschel and well established and accomplished musician in his own right.

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